Saturday, July 16, 2011

Etsy active once again!

Dear friends of Isabella Jewelry,
We're back on Etsy! Original designs, vintage touches and wearable styles make this batch of earrings and necklaces a must-see. Staying true to our Isabella mantra, we have something for everyone. Check out our latest on Etsy HERE

xoxo Isabella

Sunday, November 7, 2010

the story of a successful maiden

It all began where it all began. It was a brisk evening on Thursday November 4th at the Graves 601 Hotel. The lights were dim, the wine and G&Ts were flowing, the women were chirping and there was the faint noise of the Medtronic Conference downstairs. 2010 Maiden Minnesota was a great success! It was an evening of giving, shopping, talking and smiling.

Isabella Jewelry stood out as a newbie to the high-end fashion, home and beauty event. We were an affordable price point and we had the coolest reason to stop and chat at the booth for a while-an Editor's Pick for Mpls St.Paul Magazine and "as seen on TV" Necklace Drawing!

We received more than 250 names for the Necklace Drawing and at the end of the night Erin, from Northfield was the lucky winner. Thank you to all participants and keep your eyes peeled for holiday pieces inspired by the necklace drawing!

The event was a story of success. We effectively communicated our brand to 1500 men (yes! there were a few males in attendance) and women; garnered the attention of Mpls St.Paul Style Editor; met and mingled with successful maidens from around the state and had fun!

A special thanks to the absolutely priceless assistance Isabella had at the show-Heidi, Kate, Kellyn and my Mother were not only stunning models, they were the best sales team a girl could ask for.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Isabella in the Sunday Pioneer Press

We are very excited to announce Isabella Jewelry was chosen as a feature vendor in the Pioneer Press coverage of 2010 Maiden Minnesota. The article written by Allison Kaplan showcases two pieces the Izzy Amethyst and Jade Necklace ($80.00) and the Izzy Big Gold Hoop Earrings ($40.00).

So check us out and thank you to Allison Kaplan!


WHEN: THIS THURSDAY November 4th from 5PM-10PM

WHERE: Graves 601 Hotel, 601 First Ave. N. Minneapolis

WHY: To support a great charity, Free Arts Minnesota and check out 36 local women-owned companies

TICKETS: $20.00 in advance and $30.00 at the door ORDER AT

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

statement necklace spotted on Grey's season premiere

Yes, I still watch Grey's Anatomy. Don't judge.

And I'm glad I do because otherwise I would've missed out on this BEAUTY of a statement necklace worn by Mrs. Meredith Grey-Shepard (yes she did finally marry McDreamy for all of you quitter-watchers)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

New Isabella Facebook Event CHALLENGE

Isabella CHALLENGE: "The Green Necklace"

Dig deep in those closets ladies, because "THE GREEN NECKLACE CHALLENGE" is on!


Fall fashions are well underway and we are looking for your mother's grandmother's and great aunt Martha's old clip-on earrings, pins and broaches.


Here is how it works: You send us three or more pieces* and we will send you back an Isabella Two Drop Necklace, our most popular item COMPLETELY FREE. You choose silver or gold.

Send to: Sarah at 19400 Park Ave, Deephaven MN 55391

If you have any questions, reservations, or comments please don't hesitate to e-mail, or call Sarah, 612-247-5017

*a pair of earrings=one piece

IF YOU HAVE A BOAT LOAD OF OLD JEWELRY: Please e-mail or call us so we can discuss a reasonable compensation. Sarah at 612-247-5017 or